Where the OE fails, Duralast succeeds.

Vehicle Electronics

Original parts are not the only option when it comes to sensors, switches, and ignition components. Duralast provides high-quality replacement components, incorporating innovative designs that correct any flaws in the original equipment, to help ensure long-life. With over 750 part-types, 100,000+ individual units, and new parts added every month, Duralast’s selection can get you fired up and ready to roll.

Product image

Enhanced over OE

See the Duralast ABS sensor improved where OE flaws exist.

Built Stronger

Thicker insulation for wire protection against abrasion for longer component life.

Bigger and Better

Larger diameter harness jacket and conductor to provide added strength and longevity.

Sealed Shut

No pin holes to help keep salt and moisture out of the component.

Installation Made Easy

Hardware is included for faster, easier installation.

Duralast parts proven tough for ice drifting

Poster image for video about ice drifting

Performance you can depend on

Vehicle Electronics that Put You in Control

  • Designed for OE or better fit, form and function.
  • Tested under extreme temperature, humidity, and vibration.
  • Built with thicker insulation and heat-resistant materials for longer life and durability.
  • Precisely calibrated to match or exceed the OE standards for performance.
  • Hardware included for faster, easier installation where applicable.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, browse the full line. With over 100,000 parts, Duralast has what you’re looking for.


Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) product image

Duralast Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF)

Ignition Coil product image

Duralast Ignition Coil

Camshaft Position Sensor product image

Duralast Camshaft Position Sensor

Crankshaft Position Sensor product image

Duralast Crankshaft Position Sensor

Variable Timing Solenoid product image

Duralast Variable Timing Solenoid

Vapor Canister product image

Duralast Vapor Canister

Throttle Body Unit product image

Duralast Throttle Body Unit

ABS Wheel Sensor product image

Duralast ABS Wheel Sensor

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